Jewelry Care & Warranty

Jewelry Care & Warranty

Graciolli Marques Jewelry has a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects, counted from the date of purchase recorded in this certificate. 

Jewelry care: 

Our jewelry is delicate. please remove from packaging with love and care. To keep jewelry looking its best, apply cosmetics and lotions before wearing. We recommend taking off jewelry before swimming, bathing or exercising. To keep from tarnishing , store in a jewelry box away from moisture & sunlight. Please avoid contact with household or jewelry cleaners. 

Warranty exclusions: 

- Changes in the color and brightness of the product that may occur with time of use and with contact with perfumes, creams, sea water, abrasive products. 

- Damage caused by misuse, such as; falls, handling with excessive pressure, impact, etc. 

- Use of any chemical product to clean the product, such as acetone, toothpaste, alcohol, among others.