Since Patricia Thoms was a little girl, she always looked up to her grandparents. And in their honor and with their names Maria Graciolli and Olavo Marques, she created the jewelry brand Graciolli Marques. The inspiration for the brand's logo came during her last trip to Portugal. She found our logo on a tile in the middle of the town. Right then and there, she new she had found something beautiful and unique that symbolized her Portuguese and Italian roots. Graciolli Marques are natural jewelry made from organic materials in the Brazilian flora found in Amazon. Our mission is to value sustainable consumption by transforming the flora into accessories and to sow an innovative fashion concept.

Our jewelry is designed using natural leaves, twigs, and seeds. Which, after being harvested and dried, are prepared with a unique technique to receive the 18-carat gold plating. We harvest the raw material only during the appropriate period to preserve the ecosystem. Some species are harvested only once a year to ensure nature's conservation. The entire manufacturing process is done with ecological awareness, not to harm the environment; we reuse and treat all the water used in our method. Every detail is carefully thought out to bring elegance and sophistication to a piece of unique and eternal jewelry. Welcome to the new concept of sustainable jewelry. Welcome to Graciolli Marques.